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Relax in the Embrace of Luxury

Discover the world of comfort and elegance with our exclusive bedding collection. Transform your dreams into a luxurious experience.

Bedding sets

Bed sheets
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Discover Floral Luxury

Discover a floral paradise with Jasmin bedding. Comfort and style every night


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As a leading manufacturer of bedding in Poland, we feel obliged to produce exclusive bedding. That is why we use only the best materials - we choose the highest quality cotton, distinguished by its delicacy as well as durability, which allows you to enjoy Estella sets for a long time. The fabrics we use are carefully assessed by us in terms of the content of harmful substances - we want to be sure that the articles provided to our customers are not only a guarantee of comfort, but also health and well-being.

Exclusive bedding in the online store offer includes: Mako-Satin, Mako-Jersey Interlock or Swiss Premium Satin. We also have fitted sheets, Jersey sheets, double Jersey or terry sheets. In addition, the program includes synthetic quilts, synthetic pillows, down pillows, down quilts and other terry products.

Discover a world
of luxury


At Estella, we believe that bedding can significantly impact your well-being. As one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality luxury bedding in Poland, we are dedicated to producing only the best for our customers. Our modern bedding is made with the highest quality cotton, which is exceptionally soft, durable, and tested to ensure it is free of harmful substances according to Oko-Tex 100. In addition to our luxurious bedding, we also offer a wide range of home textile products that can help create a cozy and stylish bedroom or living room.

Don't limit your imagination. Experience pure luxury while you sleep with our high-quality Mako-Satin bedding. We also offer children's bedding that is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified, ensuring it is free of formaldehydes, pesticides, and other substances that can cause allergies.

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Sizes we offer:

  • Cotton Satin Bedding Sets 140x200
  • Cotton Satin Bedding Sets 160x200
  • Cotton Satin Bedding Sets 200x220

The ATELIER product line features high-quality mako-interlock jersey bedding that does not require ironing. In addition, this collection includes children's bedding with OEKO-TEX Class 1 certification for added peace of mind..

  • Jersey Bedding Sets 140x200
  • Jersey Bedding Sets 160x200
  • Jersey Bedding Sets 200x220

The EXQUISIT product line, on the other hand, features premium Swiss satin bedding, available in the following sizes:

  • luxury bedding sets 140x200
  • luxury bedding sets 160x200
  • luxury bedding sets 200x220

In addition to satin and jersey bedding, we also offer flannel bedding in our assortment:

  • Flannel Bedding 140x200
  • Flannel Bedding 160x200
  • Flannel Bedding 180x200
  • Flannel Bedding 200x200
  • Flannel Bedding 200x220

We also offer the best Zwirn-Jersey fitted sheets that are 100% free of pollutants, making them an ideal solution for people with allergies. Sizes available include:

  • bed sheets 100x200
  • bed sheets 150x200
  • bed sheets 160x220
  • bed sheets 180x200
  • bed sheets 200x200
  • bed sheets 220x200

Our Fein-Jersey fitted sheets feature a universal cut that provides a perfect fit, without slipping or creating creases. Sizes available include:

  • bed sheets Jersey Fitted 90x200
  • bed sheets Jersey Fitted 140x200
  • bed sheets Jersey Fitted 180x200
  • bed sheets Jersey Fitted 200x220

In addition, we also offer a terry fitted sheet with a velvety finish. These fitted sheets are soft and sleep-friendly, and the elastic band around the perimeter of all our fitted sheets ensures a perfect, crease-free fit. Sizes available include:

  • Terry Fitted Sheet with Elastic Band 100x200cm, Velvety Finish
  • Terry Fitted Sheet with Elastic Band 140x200cm, Velvety Finish
  • Terry Fitted Sheet with Elastic Band 160x200cm, Velvety Finish
  • Terry Fitted Sheet with Elastic Band 180x200cm, Velvety Finish
  • Terry Fitted Sheet with Elastic Band 200x200cm, Velvety Finish

In addition to standard products, we also offer fitted sheets for mattress toppers. Our online store also offers incredibly soft and fluffy luxury blankets in several qualities. Sizes available include:

  • blanket 160x200
  • blanket 160x200 for children
  • blanket 160x220
  • blanket 180x200

We also offer stylish decorative pillowcases. Our online store offers a wide selection of different formats of pillowcases for single pillows. Whether it's a sofa pillow or a second pillow, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our standard range of sizes. We offer pillowcases in the following dimensions:

  • Decorative Pillowcases 40x40
  • Decorative Pillowcases 50x50
  • Decorative Pillowcases 40x40
  • Decorative Pillowcases 50x50
  • Pillowcases 40 x 80
  • Pillowcases 40x40
  • Pillowcases 40x60
  • Pillowcases 50x50
  • Decorative Pillowcases 40x40
  • Decorative Pillowcases 40x60
  • Decorative Pillowcases 50x50

We also offer a large selection of bath towels, bath mats, and washcloths. All of our towels are certified according to Öko-Tex Standard 100. With attractive designs and made from high-quality materials such as cotton and terry cloth, our products are sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

  • towels 30x30
  • towels 30x50
  • towels 50x100
  • towels 70x140
  • towels 100x150

For quality-conscious customers who are also price-savvy, be sure to check out our "Promotions" section. You'll find the best bedding sets, fitted sheets, and other products at reduced prices, but still with the same highest quality.


Everyone dreams of a relaxing and blissful sleep. To achieve this, certain conditions must be met, such as a well-fitting fitted sheet with elastic. It cannot slip or create wrinkles as it has a huge impact on our sleep comfort and skin. For heavenly comfort, a fitted sheet made of thick cotton must be soft and gentle yet also elastic and functional. This is precisely what the high-quality cotton fitted sheets with elastic from ESTELLA, a leading bedding manufacturer, offer.

High-quality cotton used to produce fitted sheets with elastic is tested and certified according to the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100. Fitted sheets don't have to be boring and monotonous, which is why our jersey fitted sheets with elastic are offered in a variety of wonderful colors. Choose the color variant that suits your mood and create a unique atmosphere in your bedroom.

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